The First Baptist Church at Conshohocken


Truth to tell

Truth to ponder

Truth to embody.

There is propositional truth

Narrative truth

Metaphorical truth

Anagogical; too.

Truth has angles

Truth has core

Truth has depth

Resoundingly & indelibly.

What is truth?

Asked the Roman governor

To which Jesus said nothing

He didn’t need to; did He?

Truthwas staring Pilate in the face

Confronting all human investment

Being confronted by all human investors

Impregnable, though vulnerable.

Truth is beetle & flower

Truth is sun & shade

Truth is night & day

Truth is nature … & much more.

Truth is tough but tender

Made of flint of steel

Down deep

Proves soft as down.

It’s never, ever sentimental

Though it despises not real sentiment

Sentiment as solid as sediment

A kind of sedimental virtue.

It ain’t tittle

It’s definitely not tattle

Though a touch of tale

Veritably; an eternal tale.

It comingles with love

Complements all fruitful poesy

Cohabits all meaningful story

It encompasses much & more.

But never breaks ranks with itself

Always stands guard of its deposit

Ever true to itself

Truth is truth; come-what-may.









But never derailed

Never, ever dismounted

Never, never or ever distracted

Distinguished & determined it remains.

Truth is eternal

Eternally valid

Therefore; terrestrially-tried

Therefore; time-tested & totally true.

Truth is the Word

The Word-made-flesh

Human flesh

Though divine Spirit.

That Jeuss

He was somethin’ special

‘specially because His Person

Was and is Way, Truth & Life.





So speak the truth

Ponder its virtue

Abide in it

Place high premium upon it.

It will set you free

It will set you apaert

It will set you on its path

It will see you through.

Praise God from whom all blessings flow

Truth flowing

Truth flowering

Truth finding fruition.

Honor the Son

Who is truth embodied

Spake the truth as He did

Truthfully; of whom truth speaks.

Submit to the Spirit

He guides us in truth’s way

Adorning us in truthful ways

Assuring us of the truth of our salvation.

Our salvation

As in us

His people

Now supposed to be; the pillar of truth.

Like love; the better way

Also; the fruitful way

Circularly; the truthful way

Always; THE way to & THE way of Jesus Christ.

Bradley E. Lacey

Sunday, October 24, 2021