The First Baptist Church at Conshohocken

The day begins to appear

Its appearance gives so much rise

From bed

To work

For God, gold & lots of grace.

Redeem every last drop of day

A gift that may not be given tomorrow

Make it count

Stretch it & drag it

Bring forth something from it.

Remember this day:

The Day is on the horizon

It will require of you

That you reckon with it

For He will appear on it.

On that Day

That beautiful yet dreadful Day

He will storm the hemisphere

Establish rolling justice & streaming righteousness

And confront each & every one of us.

D-Day it will be

Whatever day it proves to be

May your faith be found real

May your love triumph over like or lust

And may you be found well-grounded & His.

It will be a Day like no other

Make no mistake

His Day it will be

His Day it will ever be

He, Him & His – Praise God; what a Day it will be!