The First Baptist Church at Conshohocken


Love pre-existent

Love becoming

Love compelling

Love all-consuming.

God is love

He loves first

He loves best

His love is forever & free.

We are called to love

Love like no other

Love more & more

Love of the “love one another’ kind.

I must love

Love intentionally

Love wholeheartedly

Love instinctively.

If it were possible

To so love

Rather than to merely like

Or to more crudely lust.

To honor via love

To be ennobled by love

To sacrifice, which is love

To love; perchance, to love even more.

All things are possible

To Him who is love

All the more

I love Him so!

Love is the key

Love is the difference

Love is the answer

Love – Well; love is God!

So; Love

Love some more

Love, love, love

Love conquers all!

For all-of-Him is love

Three-in-one bound by love

Love indwelling

Motivated & maximized by love.

Father loving by way of divine decree

Son loving by way of loving surrender

Spirit bestowing love as fruit of His Presence

O; the divine reality of love.

His Bride beloved & unblemished

She who may love back

& love forth

Loved consummately & loving continuously.

Love God

Love your neighbor

Love one’s enemy

Simply & gloriously – Love!

Bradley E. Lacey

Sunday, October 24, 2021