The First Baptist Church at Conshohocken

                                                Tribute to Rush Limbaugh

Radio experienced a volcanic eruption during the year 1988.  Talk radio had been humming along quite nicely, within my hometown of Boston and, as I would soon discover during my entry to life within orbit of Philadelphia in 1989, holding forth with dignity and constructive contribution on the part of a number of very fine, even excellent local hosts.  Philadelphia could boast of Irv Homer and Dom Giordano, Boston of Jerry Williams or David Brudnoy and New York City of Bob Grant.

Then; Rush arrived – Better stated; a new current of conversational & substantive wind
“rushed” across the airwaves and across the nation and throughout the conservative world, a rush of such seismic proportions that the Left was forced to reckon with the phenomenon of the EIB Network; that is, the “Excellence in Broadcasting” Network, phenomenally embodied by Mr. Rush Limbaugh, the man who humbly but boldly exhibited what he affectionately and good-naturedly called “talent on loan from God.”

It was, for many, what he had to say that earmarked him for such accolade and love amongst conservatives, as well as such hatred and demonization from the Left.  For me; notwithstanding what he had to say (almost all of which with which I agreed; I must say) or even how he said it (often; bombastically and forthrightly, but also humorously and satirically – a quality that was lost on many), it was how he treated his audience and callers.  I always found him to be the quintessential gentleman.  He was never obsequious or sycophantic with societal elites, nor condescending to those of lesser rank.  He treated everyone alike.  Each and every caller was accorded respect, courtesy and even extra time with which to express themselves.  He didn’t have to agree, nor did he even have to understand, but he deeply appreciated all of us, from the minority of callers to the majority of listeners.  I believe that this is what truly earned him the respect and affection and even ardent and authentic love of his following.  He may have galvanized the political world, but he endeared himself to the audience, an audience that exponentially increased over time. 

And; perhaps lost on or indifferent to many, he was a Christian.  I have listened to him share his testimony of personal faith in Jesus Christ.  He was quite clear and specific.  If Conservatism was his solar system, the air of which he breathed in and breathed forth, then Christianity was his universe, a reality so appreciatively integral to him in life, a Reality so very fundamental to him now, in Life, both eternal and eternally joyful & pain-free.  Cancer may have taken his life, but Jesus has given him renewed & everlasting life. 

Who knows; perhaps our gracious God has given our beloved Rush a heavenly microphone with which he engages the heavenly angels and those of the talk radio audience who have passed from this world and ascended into Your Presence.  I would not put it past either our gracious God or an appreciative Rush that this is so.  I know my beloved mother will be so listening and calling, not just daily or weekly, as she was wont to do in Boston, but eternally, as she will now be eternally wont, wanton & gladly willing to do!  May Rush Limbaugh rest in Christ’s peace.

                                    Prayer in Honor of Rush Limbaugh

Gracious Father,

We grieve the loss of our friend and mentor, though we do not begrudge him the loss of his pain or the gain of heaven with his entry. 

We thank You for the gift of this man, and are grateful that we may entrust him, not simply to history, memory, a cold grave or an air-clip, but into Your Hands, Your Presence & Your Kingdom or World.

We pray for his beloved and lovely, but now grieving wife and widow, as we pray for everyone who was touched by his work but, even more by his life. 

I pray for those of this station who knew him or who were inspired by him, as well as for the listening audience of this station, for whom there is now a huge hole, not simply on the schedule, but in the heart.

We pray for his staff, now beset by grief and void.  We pray for such men as Ken Matthews and Mark Steyn, as they must shoulder a heavier load, even as they bear an even heavier personal sense of loss.

I am gratified that Rush shared of his trust in You over the air.  Gracious Lord, You said that anyone who denied You before men would be denied by You before the Father, but that You would honor all those who testified before men of You – Your love & Your truth.  Rush Limbaugh so acknowledged You before his audience and the world – We know that You have received & do acknowledge him both joyfully & everlastingly; such is our comfort and succor. 

Jesus said it best:  “Well done, good and faithful servant.  You have been faithful in a little; I will set you over much.  Enter into the joy of Your Master.”

We know, Holy Father, that where You are, there is no rancor, no hatred or contempt, no viciousness – With You; all is well.  May our friend rest in Your peace.

In Christ’s Blessed Name,