The First Baptist Church at Conshohocken


Impish As an Elf

Deceptive Even to Oneself

Put It on the Shelf.


Ever a Continuation

Bad Ideas a Contamination

Mayhaps Spiritual Constipation.

Governmental Decree

Won’t Let You Be

Force You to Take a Knee

Pray; Can’t You See?


No Less

A Moral Regress

History Will Confess.


Answer for Us Who Fell

Antidote to Hell

Good Health to Feel Well.

God’s Love

Lived Out by Savior & ‘Guv

Poured Out by Heavenly Dove

Keep in Step Like Hand in Glove.

Him to Hail

Rather than We to Wail

Us He Will not Fail

Him Now to Whom We Sail.

He Cries, “Come!”

Take Leave of Sinful Slum

Partake of Nectar of Holy Rum

To Me Who Is of All Things Heavenly Sum!