What We Do

The mission of the First Baptist Church at Conshohocken is to€¦

BREATHE the beautiful fragrance of our heavenly Father’s holy and saving love
  • by entering into the joy of His presence — which is our Privilege
  • through repentance and confession of sin — which is our Responsibility
  • as we receive Jesus Christ to be our Savior and Lord — which is our Calling
[Jesus Christ Grows Before Us the More We Are Devoted to Him!]

BLOSSOM in the grace and truth of our Lord Jesus Christ by the enabling power of the Holy Spirit
  • by way of His Word — which is our Education
  • by way of prayer — which is our mode of communication
  • by way of His people — Which is our Family
  • by way of His Spirit — who is our Anointing
[Jesus Christ Grows Within Us the More We Invest in Lives of Discipleship!]

And BUILD in His name, for His purpose and unto His glory.
  • as we bear His Name — which is our Birthright
  • as we labor on behalf of His Kingdom — which is our Citizenship
  • as we declare His Glory — which is our Purpose
[Jesus Christ Grows Through Us As We Are Deployed into the Harvest Field!]

In Short, The First Baptist Church at Conshohocken is Gathered to€¦