Presented on 05/13/2012 with scripture reference of Isa 40:31

Put out into the Deep Water

Presented on 05/06/2012 with scripture reference of Luke 5:1-11

What Are You Discussing Together

Presented on 04/15/2012 with scripture reference of Luke 24:13-35

Why Do You Look for The Living among the Dead

Presented on 04/08/2012 with scripture reference of Luke 24:1-12

Maternal Musings

     Our gracious God has given to the world our beloved Savior and our beautiful mothers; all else is either dross or, if lovely, derivative of the One or the other.  It is an assertion devoutly to be proposed, devoutly to be considered and ardently to be embraced. 

God blessed me with an exquisitely beautiful mother.  I loved her dearly, and always knew implicitly and explicitly how dearly she loved me.  How blessed I was!  The hand that rocked my cradle was as lovely as was ever made.

I wish to live my life in such a way that would in no way dishonor to her; more positively, I wish to conduct myself in such a way that proves worthy of her.  God’s Word tells me to honor her, an instruction by no means difficult to fulfill.

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