Summer Session


I actually have a little boy in my church who loves to go to school.  He loves it, not just during the normal school year and normal school hours, but when there are after-school hours and summer classes! 

"Preach It, Pop-Pop"


I have never had the privilege of being addressed as “Dad,” or as “Daddy,” but, having entered into a marriage replete with three fully-grown stepdaughters, I have come to know the pleasure of being identified as “Pop-Pop” to my lovely little granddaughter.

Maternal Meanderings

Three quarters of a blissful year were spent within the hospitable lair of my dear lady’s womb.  We had everything that we needed, did me brother and me:  nourishment, companionship and love – more love than perhaps was necessary, but by no means were we looking to complain.  We were hoarders back then; glad we were, as today we must draw large draughts from the reserve that was laid back in the day – a day in which we lived, moved and had our being within our dear mum’s belly of maternal love.


A Metaphor for the Ages

Winter has been back-and-forth, with one day sunny and balmy and the next cold and brusque.  And, just when spring appears to have won – Voila! – A winter storm strikes.

It has been a natural metaphor for the reality of Life, and Death – and Life.


St. Patrick Was a Welshman Who Ministered to the Irish!

March 17 is St. Patrick’s Day!  Festivities and mirth abound, awash amidst parades and parties and all-things green. 

Nothing Less Than Love; Ever!

“I love ice cream!”  No; you don’t.  You like ice cream.  You may desire it with an

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