Of Colors and Christianity

Peruse the paint department at Lowe's or Home Depot. There are more colors than one can fathom. The number of colors is so dazzling it is downright dizzying! There is a seemingly infinite variety of colors, from reds to blues to all others. I wouldn't be surprised if there were some colors heretofore not known to man!

A Fogey for Jesus

Old fogies never die; they just go to bed early on New Year's Eve.  I must be an old fogey, as I found myself retired for the evening by 11pm.  Dick Clark would be disgusted with me, as would Guy Lombardo.

A Light Has Dawned

The word glaum jumped off the page of an old mystery novel that I was reading. Never heard of it, best look it up. I couldn’t find it anywhere, but a dear friend’s father owns the definitive Oxford Dictionary of the English Language, all twenty volumes!

Do You Know Jesus and When Did You Meet Him?

I recently all but bumped into U.S. Senator Arlen Specter while seeing a friend off to Boston at 30th Street Station in Philadelphia. His identity was unmistakable. I remember literally walking into William F. Buckley, the conservative pundit many believe was responsible for the ascendancy and election of Ronald Reagan to the Presidency. It was at Logan Airport many years ago.

One More Prayer Principle

My wife and I share an interesting problem. We find it rather difficult sometimes to decide what to do on our off-day. Why?

Prayer Is Confessional

Was it the butler in the dining room? Possibly it was the secretary in the library? Perhaps it was the major in the billiards room? Who did it?

Prayer Is Personal

What a wonderful gift is prayer! It is God’s blessing to us. It is our means by which to approach and spend time with Him. Prayer encompasses the entirety of God’s world and into that world we are granted full admittance by way of prayer.

Made in Heaven

I have the privilege of watching the progress of our new church construction from very close proximity. My wife and I live right next to the site upon which men in hard hats and tool belts go to work every day. It is as if we have our own box seats.

Do Those Around You Know Jesus and How Did They Hear of Him?

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