How to Hear What God Has to Say

 It is probably true to say that I am getting lazy.  It has been a long year and it is not even half done.  The themes that I offer in this space are not original to me.  I am extracting it from another source, though many of the attending thoughts are mine. 

War and Peace

 There is a park bench near the corner of 3rd and Walnut in Independence Park in Old City Philadelphia.  It is right by the garden that once housed the home of Benjamin Rush, the man who helped to reconcile John Adams and Tom Jefferson.

Of Heaven and Earth

  What is heaven like?  What would we like it to be like?  Will the pleasures we experience in this life be appropriated in the next?  Will it be entirely different, beyond our current capacity to fathom?  Who can know?

Lots of New Faces

We have been seeing a lot of new faces in church on recent Sunday mornings.  It is always a joy.  We love every new face, as each face represents a unique person who has either a love or a desire for God.

Taxation with Representation

I go to H&R Block every year to get my taxes done.  A dear lady there has expertise relating to clergy issues.  I am always satisfied and know that I am in good hands.

Life Is Fragile

 I have been struck as of late by the fragility of life.  It might be better to say that I have had, in recent days, life’s precariousness thrust in my face.

God in the News

God in the News

I have discovered the pleasure of surfing the websites of British newspapers.  The Daily Telegraph is my particular favorite.  It always helps to hear what our cousins have to say on the other side of the pond. 

The Revelries of Spring

    The Revelries of Spring

A not particularly harsh winter has begun to recede into the storehouse of memory.  Spring has begun to make an appearance and, while we won’t yet know whether it will be a lovely spring or a cold and wet one — still, spring is here!

Play Ball!

Play Ball!

Baseball season has arrived!  The regular season will begin in just a day or two and, for some, it is paradise restored. 

An Old Friend Takes Up New Residence

William F. Buckley, Jr. passed away on Wednesday, February 27.  He was found dead at his desk in his study.  He may have been writing one of his newspaper columns or furthering his book on Ronald Reagan.  It is a moot point.

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