"Preach It, Pop-Pop"


I have never had the privilege of being addressed as “Dad,” or as “Daddy,” but, having entered into a marriage replete with three fully-grown stepdaughters, I have come to know the pleasure of being identified as “Pop-Pop” to my lovely little granddaughter.

Maternal Meanderings

Three quarters of a blissful year were spent within the hospitable lair of my dear lady’s womb.  We had everything that we needed, did me brother and me:  nourishment, companionship and love – more love than perhaps was necessary, but by no means were we looking to complain.  We were hoarders back then; glad we were, as today we must draw large draughts from the reserve that was laid back in the day – a day in which we lived, moved and had our being within our dear mum’s belly of maternal love.


A Metaphor for the Ages

Winter has been back-and-forth, with one day sunny and balmy and the next cold and brusque.  And, just when spring appears to have won – Voila! – A winter storm strikes.

It has been a natural metaphor for the reality of Life, and Death – and Life.


St. Patrick Was a Welshman Who Ministered to the Irish!

March 17 is St. Patrick’s Day!  Festivities and mirth abound, awash amidst parades and parties and all-things green. 

Nothing Less Than Love; Ever!

“I love ice cream!”  No; you don’t.  You like ice cream.  You may desire it with an

New Life to An Old World

It is a new world order.  A new President is arriving in Washington, one few expected even a year ago.  It will be riveting to see how things play out over the next four years.

Christmas Celebrations

Time does fly; does it not?  To where has the year gone?  I have no doubt that, at least for us adults, it has absolutely flown by us!


Autumnal Anticipation

We have enjoyed or endured the hottest summer on record.  We are currently ensconced in a drought.  We now bear witness to

Summer Sanitorium

A missionary friend who has served for many years in Thailand

Be Still and Know!

The Psalms are masterpieces of psychology and theology.  They are honest, earnest and trustworthy expressions of life lived in positive response to God, to both the reality of

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